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Brilliant Rendition of Slokhas - Balavikas Dairies 2021

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Vivekananda Balavikas Kendra is nurturing young kids and bringing out innate skills which otherwise would have been unidentified by them. Kids are learning Pranam and Shanti mantras as a part of their syllabus along with meanings during the Bhajans class. Subhashitas, short memorable texts typically having four verses with inherent message in them are being taught to children. Subhashitas are one of the creative works which depicts our rich cultural heritage. They are almost wiped out from our day to day learnings and VBVK Camp has provided a platform for these young minds to learn and imbibe the moral values in an easy and interesting way.

All the students came together to sing the Shlokas learnt during the Bhajans class by Sankalp group.

Here is the rendition of few Slokhas by Suhas Krishna, a student of Balavikas Kendra.


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