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Building Resurgent India through Physical and Mental Fitness

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence is unceasingly conducting power packed webinars on every Sunday amidst this pandemic to instill faith, strength and positivity in the younger generation. Top Intellectuals from all over the country are delivering key messages to the youth and interacting with them on a weekly basis. VIHE is providing a golden opportunity for all the youngsters to develop themselves during this crisis time.

On 11th Oct 2020, we had an outstanding action packed commander Lt. Esan from the Delta Squad, Chennai, Tamil Nadu as the Guest speaker. Anirudh Sharma, volunteer of VIHE , a young and budding musician rendered a melodious song which was composed by the great "Sri Sri Chandrashekara Sarawati Paramacharya". "Through friendship we can win all hearts. Let us give up war and this competition. Let us be satisfied with what we have. Give as much as we can and may there be prosperity all around." is brief summary of the song rendered.

Swami Vivekananda is like a vast ocean. The more we measure him, the more he becomes immeasurable. Yet, it is our duty and responsibility to imbibe his message. The kids of Balavikas Kendra of VIHE (Pari, Neha and Siri) have put forth some of those strength instilling quotes of Swami Vivekananda in front of the delegates which created a positive aura all around.

Lt. Esan began his talk by presenting a video which was a testimony of the brave and selfless service he and his team rendered during the most difficult times in several cities. His team is a voluntary disaster rescue squad whose members include highly trained officers from Tri Services and Coast Guard. He is an expert in identifying and training potential youngsters for qualifying as officers in Military and has given nearly 300 officers so far. Adhering to the traditional path, Lt. Esan had also chosen to pursue Engineering as his career like many other youngsters. Then came a turning point in his life where he firmly resolved on getting into a number one organisation in India.

In his third year, he got selected for the Indian Army with sheer determination and hard work. Lt. Esan got selected into three of the SSB divisions and he ended up going into Navy. Always there was one ambition in his life and that was to rescue people lives. While asked to describe his ambition from the childhood days, his only response was "I want to rescue a 100 lives." This thought process led him to join the special forces.

Lt. Esan started training potential youth in Tamil Nadu who had no idea on how to go into military services. He has guided around 280 aspirants to get into all the four services Army, Navy, Air Force and Cost guard who are even now providing exceptional service to the Nation in their own fields. Lt. Esan shared his pride moment where one of his students named "Annapurni", a girl from a remote village got selected into the Army; being the first Indian lady officer to be selected from the southern part of Tamil Nadu. A girl with no knowledge on English became an officer who got posted in Jhansi. These are the real Jhansi Rani's of India. Lt. Esan shared several other examples of such outstanding students he had trained.

"When you want something and put your whole heart and soul into it, the universe will give it you". This is what Lt. Esan had always believed and that brought him an opportunity to rescue 350 people including 8 pregnant ladies from a flood affected area in Tamil Nadu. That was the first incident where Lt. Esan volunteered and led the team during the disaster and this triggered him an idea to start a voluntary squad. Lt. Esan and his team proved themselves during major disasters including the Kerala floods. One of the most memorable rescue operation Lt. Esan cherished was when he and his team rescued a 40 day old infant from a collapsing building in a landslide area in Kerala.

Lt. Esan and his team rescued more than 750 lives until now which depicts that if you have a strong resolve you can do anything in life. Sir is a live example and a role model in this dimension. One of his students who is an army officer designed a prototype ventilator during these covid times and the government is working toward creating a real model with the same design. Lt. Esan and his team are not stepping back from any hurdle and striving to do their best in all the circumstances. His journey is an inspiration to countless number of people !

One of the participants words from the webinar "Today's webinar is the turning point in my life. I thought I cannot join the armed forces, now I got clarity that I am eligible to join the Armed forces after graduation having good character, faith, devotion, Exercise and good preparation. I think this webinar helps me to reach my goal. Thank you so much swamiji for making me a part of this such a wonderful webinar!"

Youtube link for webinar..

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