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Celebrations of 129th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's visit to Hyderabad

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) has organised celebrations to commemorate Swami Vivekananda's maiden visit to Hyderabad, where he gave his first public speech in Mehboob College on February 13, 1893. From 2021 onwards, VIHE volunteers ran a signature campaign requesting the authorities to formally declare February 13th every year as "Swami Vivekananda Day", so that the message and significance of Swami Vivekananda's visit to Hyderabad can be transmitted far and wide.13000 students from different colleges in and around Telangana have submitted their online petition.

The garlanding of Swami Vivekananda's statue in Mehboob College on February 13th, 2022 was held in a grand manner. Swamijis of the Ramakrishna Math, Justice Dr Radha Rani, Honourable Judge of the Telangana High Court, Shri Vallishwar garu, Senior Journalist, Bharat Today, Shri Suresh Yadav garu, Secretary of Mehboob college Educational Society, volunteers and devotees of Ramakrishna Math were in attendance.

Swami Bodhamayananda, Director, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, delivered the welcome address and mentioned the importance of Swamiji's visit to Hyderabad and the importance of February 13th. He also cited a few instances from Swamiji's life that were very inspiring. A blissful bhajan session, with soulful renditions on “Veer Senapati” and “Murta Maheshwara” which describe the glorious personality of Swami Vivekananda, rendered by Advait Roy and Anirudh Sharma, volunteers of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence

Later, Swami Tattvavidanadaji Maharaj, a guest Monk gave a short talk, in which it was spotlighted that this is the same land on which Veersenapati and Vishwavijetha Swami Vivekananda laid his most auspicious feet a century plus ago. Therefore Mehboob college campus is no less than a 'theertha kshetra' for all of us that creates immense waves of inspiration and vigour even today. All of us are aware of the World’s Parliament of Religions and how Swamiji shook the audience there, but this land of Mehboob college which paved a path for Swamiji's mission is no less than a blessing and if one is able to truly meditate here one can experience the currents of power pass through them similar to the ones that might have passed in the witnesses of his 1st address at Chicago. Revered Swamiji also cited that Swamiji is the Hero of Unity, since he broadcasted the message of universal tolerance and acceptance and voiced out our ancient Indian thought of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.

Once again on this auspicious occasion and this holy place we find an opportunity to remind ourselves of the life transforming words of Swami Vivekananda through justice Dr Radha Raniji’s address.

Justice Dr Radha Raniji quoted one of the greatest poets and writers of all times Rabindranath Tagore, who said “If you want to know India, study Vivekananda. In him everything is positive and nothing negative''

She continued to say that not only tolerance but acceptance was the greatness of the message. “I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance, we believe not only in universal toleration but we accept all religions as true, I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and refugees of all religions and all nations on the earth….”

Adding to it was what Dr Radha Raniji quoted from the book "Call to the Nation

"The west had tried to conquer the external nature and the east had tried to conquer the internal nature. Now the east and west must work hand in hand for the good of each other without destroying the special characteristics of each other… each has to learn much from the other in fact the fusion has to be shaped by the proper fusion of the ideals then there will be neither east nor west but one humanity"

So much is the power and influence of Swamiji on us Indians that even after a century when we recollect his words, it has the same impact.

Quoting Swamiji's words "I know it is the truth alone that gives strength” Dr Radha Rani ji mentioned how it reminded her of Mahatma Gandhi. And how our real strength is that which arises from the power of truth.

“They say have faith in this fellow or that fellow but I say have faith in yourself first that’s the way. Have faith in yourself, all power is within you be conscious and bring it out say I can do everything and anything repeating these words of Swamiji, Dr Radha Raniji once again instilled and filled in the audience the kind of Atma Shraddha Swamiji expected from the countrymen and the wonders that can be performed with it were once again revealed.

The remedy for Weakness is not brooding over weakness but thinking of Strength, teach men of the strength that is already within them if you look, you will find that I have never quoted anything but the Upanishads and of the Upanishads is only that one idea Strength, the quintessence of the Vedas and Vedanta and all lies in that one word quoting this she again went on to emphasise the importance of Atma Shraddha.

Through the explanation and the talk of Dr Radha Raniji, honourable judge of the Telangana high court, we can recognise how even small quotations of Swamiji, or small books on Swami Vivekananda can inspire us and play a vital role in transforming our lives. Throughout the talk the emphasis was on the message of Strength and Faith of Swami Vivekananda.

We even had the opportunity to hear Shri Vallishwar garu, Senior Journalist and a follower of Swamiji, who presented Swamiji’s teachings in the form of seven topics

These include Daiva Bhakti, Desha Bhakti, Guru Bhakti, Maatru Bhakti etc.

We understood, through Shri Vallishwar garu’s talk that, Swamiji’s teachings and ideology not only guides us through the path to the highest perfection, but they are also relevant in the tiniest of things, and they play a critical role in reviving society on the path of Dharma.

The Celebration ended with a vote of thanks and shanti mantra by Swami Bodhamayanandaji. The celebration was soul stirring and inspiring. We look forward to carry on the message of Swamiji year after years.

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