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Nari Shakti for a Resurgent India

The Nari Shakti is the force divine, embalmed within each woman. This divine Shakti when awakened to its epitome will cause the resurgence of India to a remarkable Strength and glory. This is certain. Weaving this powerful vision before us Swami Vivekananda ushered a vibrant zeal for the upliftment of the women folk ,her status, position in society in particular and world at large.

Women are the light of God, said Rumi, a Sufi saint. Echoing with these beautiful, meaningful, colorful and above all hopeful propositions, was the Sunday Webinar on 1st Nov, 2020. Anchored to the shores of thoughtful realizations, chapters of the celebrated history of quality, esteemed women of India belonging to wide spectrum spread across the geography, mythology, science ,diction ,fiction, politics and defense the webinar focused on the empowerment of women ,the Shakti.

Tides of time had imposed untold miseries, challenges and pushed the status of women to the highest disappointments. Every time after such despondency she has evolved, unfolded, developed and emerged powerful to the amazement of the oppositions .The transformation and transition of women has always been accompanied by men of great character and strength. Swami Vivekananda was deeply moved to see women being considered as the object to bear children .He emerged as a Powerful Guardian for the womenfolk who were considered as weaker beings. He professed, believed and practiced the doctrine of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and proclaimed the same to the world at large.

FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! To fly higher, roar higher to reach the glorious victory of self- realization is possible through helping the masses; the downtrodden and meek is the need of hour. The young aspiring eagle needs both wings to fly. The energy for flight of any bird requires a synchronous flapping of both the wings. This statement categorically mentions the celebration of self- reliance by both men as well as women.

The resurgence of a Nation is possible when the integration of efforts is made at the grassroots level-involving the masses, both men and women. The SHIVA SHAKTI is the manifestation of the exceptional eternal bond. The eternal power behind the conceptualization of the world existence. The blend of the two forces is behind the emergence of knowledge, growth and creation.

The webinar on Sunday was knitted with the beautiful positive and commanding vibrations of thoughtful talks, deep divine songs by Dr.Shradha and VIHE volunteer Sri Charita bringing the divine connect to the proposed expectations and commitments of young minds. The minds of viewers pan India received power shots of energetic messages by Swamiji narrated with high spirits by Balavikas Kendra students.

The Guest Speakers, the beautiful minds unfolded with grace the layers of positive energy, fragrance of toiled committed hard work with power of simplicity. Yes three guest speakers Smt. Swathi Ram, Advisory Board M ember, Former National Coordinator, Youth for Seva, Smt. Vidya Raghu Architect; Managing Trustee, Ramakrishna Sarada Samiti; Mumbai and Kum. C.A. Aishwarya Deepak ,founder A Vision World ,Pune made a distinct presence by bringing us closer to the fact that” if women ,irrespective of their background, caste or creed thinks and determines to contribute her talent in her chosen work domain she can work wonders. It all depends on her self conviction and commitment to her inner self.”

Working for 9 years at the very grass -root levels, rendering help at the time of natural calamities like Uttarakhand floods or organizing service shivers during kumbha mela at Prayaag 2019 along with work experience of several years in corporate world, Miss Swathi Ram led us a unique learning. Her exposure, interactions above all her learning from elderly, handicapped women (neck to toe but nurturing a passion to serve) was enlightening. A septuagenarian briskly climbs the mountains just to witnesses her fertile lands flood struck before her eyes. Yet only blaming the self for the atrocities and not Mother Nature. This is the wisdom, strength of character and power of vision which instills her flame of hope that all shall be ok in near future. What strength must have prevailed in the heart of such women? NARI SHAKTI PERSONIFIED!

An Intellectual talk by Smt. Vidya Raghu, an architect by profession, a social worker, national awardee from Mumbai, also working for reshaping of the slums by professing a integrating and a multidisciplinary approach was another inspiration. She emphasized how experiential learning, work culture exposure and performance learning can revive the life of women belonging to weaker sections of the society. She emphasized on creating a zone of an interaction between the privileged and the underprivileged for improving the conditions of society living in slums. 5A Formula Concept focused on Attract, Awaken, Access, Ability and Agent Change is a roadmap for growth and empowerment of women.

The young and vibrant speaker, Aishwarya Deepak, Chartered Accountant, founder of "A Vision World" added a spark of motivation, positivity and self-faith amongst the viewers. She narrated how her daily interactions and conscious empathetic mind made her to hear the unsaid voices of the meek. She sought realizations from these caring humane experiences and transformed her very profession to an act of serving the society at large. The prosaically and altruistic nature crafted its own symphony in her mind. Today, this budding talent is contributing to bring forth a smile on the faces of all connected to her. Thus, She contributes to the fabric of nation in her own way.

The webinar is an appeal and a pious movement to contribute to the rich cultural, political and social fabric of nation by urging both men and women to anchor to the inner reservoir of self faith and manifest the divinity within.

Here is an archive of the amazing webinar !

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