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Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Build Your Immunity - Online VIHE Course

The 5 day online course titled “Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Build Your Immunity” was held from 21st June to 25th June 2021.

This course is the utmost need for building strength in troubling times of this pandemic. Professionals in various fields assisted the participants in coping with stress and anxiety. They have shared tips, tricks and methods to overcome the various day to day hassles faced by the common public which lead to increase of stress and anxiety; which in turn affect their physical and mental health in the long run.

Four professionals led this course viz Dr. Vasudha M Sharma, Swami Dayadhipananda Mj, Swami Bodhamayananda Mj and Sri Livankar.

Dr. Vasudha Sharma is the co-founder of Vivekananda Health Global and also an expert in combining Yoga with Ayurveda which can bring about a good holistic health. She explained to the participants in detail about immunology and how the immune system can be bettered with the help of Yoga and Ayurveda. She also described the adverse affects which happen in the body due to stress and anxiety and also how they affect the immune system. Also, touched upon how the balance in body can be maintained to stay healthy and peaceful if we follow a daily routine of adopting yoga asanas, taking sattvic food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The participants also had a practical session where several neck rotation techniques and pranayama was taught which was much needed.

Swami Dayadhipanandaji Maharaj is a Doctor by profession and a monk by passion who is practicing as a doctor and serving the poor in Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama located in Kankhal, Haridwar. He emphasized on various methods on how a common person can stay happy by integrating Yoga into their daily activities. He also reiterated the importance of focusing our attention on our activities and not to worry about the results.

Swami Bodhmayanandaji Maharaj is an expert in delivering mind management techniques and thus he concentrated on the importance of mental health and how it affects the person as a whole being and how it affects their immunity based on the mindset they are having. The participants had a practical session of meditation with Swamiji and were happy to dedicatedly practice it regularly with sincerity in order to have some peace of mind.

Sri Livankar sir is a Yoga faculty at Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence(VIHE) and is an expert in Yoga. The participants had a practical session with him in which he focused on the practice of Yoga in order to achieve mental calmness in a busy life.

"The course overall had a calming effect on the participants in a busty and stressful life and they learnt the nuances on how mental health is connected to immunity and thus physical health. They wished to attend many such courses which help them holistically."

To avail and attend the courses offered by VIHE and to know more information please write to us at :- Or else you can WhatsApp "Hi" to 9177232696

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