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Shraddha - Balavikas Summer Camp Concluding Day (May 15th 2021 - June 15th 2021)

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Vivekananda Bala Vikas Kendra Shraddha camp, a total personality development camp for school students from 4th class to 10th class was conducted for a duration of one month. (May 15th - June 15th). Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math Hyderabad has been successfully conducting these camps from past 15 years under the guidance of Swami Bodhamayananda ji and with the blessings of Revered Adhyaksh Maharaj Swami Jnanadananda ji. Due to the pandemic, it was conducted online.

Everyday from 6:00 am - 7:00 am Yoga classes were conducted and every alternate day (i.e. Monday Wednesday and Friday) Morals and Bhajans classes were conducted from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm in the evening. The Grand Concluding day of the Shraddha camp was held on 16th June, 2021. The program started with the offering of flowers to the Holy Trio - Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada and Swami Vivekananda followed by the soothing Rendition of Pranam & Shanti mantras by young students Manasvi Deshpande of 6th Jhansi, Suhas, Sankalp group of the camp followed by a touching rendition of "Ganaraja gajanana" Bhajan by Hamsika of 8th class.

The Camp mainly focused on the character building and personality development. We have learnt various types of Yogasanas, Shlokas, Bhajans, Moral values and Lessons that helps us to take the right path in our life. Gurustuti rendition by young students Saanvi, Lakshmi Santoshi, Laasya and Sneha Varshini created a divine atmosphere.

Further, there was powerful recitation of Swami Vivekananda’s quotes by G.Suhaas, Rachith, Chakrika, Ojaswi and Laasya that inspired and marked the beginning of the session with infinite strength and courage.

We had a video presentation that described the numerous activities conducted in the camp like logo making for summer camp, yoga demonstrations, activities that imbibe the Indian culture and many more. This was followed by blessings to all children, parents and volunteers who participated in the camp by Revered Swami Jnanadananda ji Maharaj, Adhyaksh of Ramakrishna Math Hyderabad. Poojya Adhyaksh Maharaj emphasized the importance of Balavikas camp and the role of parents in molding the personality physically and mentally in the right direction.

The chief guest of the program was Sri Udaya Kumar Susarla, the Principal of Geetanjali College of Engineering, Hyderabad. He addressed the participants about the following aspects :-

  • Doing right things even though no one is observing us

  • Our happiness lies in making others happy

  • Quoted Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher

  • Try to be better everyday and be organized

  • To be a lifelong learner by following our passion

  • Acquire skills

  • Respect everybody and their work

Swami Bodhamayananda ji Maharaj thanked the speaker and shared some thought capsules quoting various examples. Few of the take away points for every child and parent from Swamiji’s talk are :-

  • If the mind is disciplined, purified and concentrated then automatically our body will be strong as it reflects our mind

  • We should train and purify our mind by keeping only good thoughts, making it one and not letting it scatter into pieces, so that we can have a great focus level.

  • Developing good habits even for the smallest and the simplest work

  • We should reduce our wants and keep only our needs

  • Respect all by seeing God in everyone

  • He reiterated that sincere and devoted practice of the above mentioned points will take the child and country to greater heights

  • He shared that Vivekananda Balavikas Kendra has been helping the children to get away from unwanted things and thoughts, instilling faith and showing right direction thus carving the way to their bright future

There was a mention on the three best essays by students. It was followed by feedback session. Students and parents shared their experiences and suggestions on the Sraddha camp. The session ended with a powerful and joyful song "JAGO BHARATH" quoting the message of Swami Vivekananda to Indians - "ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT UNTILL THE GOAL IS REACHED."

-By Student of Balavikas Kendra

Here is the full video link of the Concluding day Function.

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