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Transforming Myself, Transforming India

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

The central idea of Swami Vivekananda’s messages, teachings and writings has been “the inherent divinity’’ and “manifest the divinity” through action of service. Serve Jeeva as Shiva. This purposeful accomplishment requires an internal fundamental thrust. An inbuilt force to wipe out the weakness and become pure. An urge for the truth. An honest approach to be true in deeds, actions and feelings. CONQUERENCE Of SELF! is What is needed first. We need to liberate the self from the shackles of selfishness through sincere self-effort. It is only then can we emerge as true VEDANTA KESARI OF SWAMI JI- the selfless energetic, dynamic happy individuals each contributing to the development of the nation. Imbibing the spirit of this message requires conviction, a committed Zeal and dutiful responsible lifestyle.

‘It is the pain through which the light enters– Rumi.’

The transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary is through pain. The extra which becomes the part of the ordinary is the pain .it is the slumbering, humiliation, opposition, an array of odd dealings and odd conversations that the great minds of powerful individuals have always confronted boldly .They never succumbed to failures or hardships .It has been the metalled mindsets anchored to the unflinching zeal, passion towards high ideals, clear visions of the goals which transformed simple unknown individuals to great contributors to the nation in particular and world at large. They were rubbed against the circumstances but the discipline and everlasting dedication shielded their repeated attempts only to launch them for a worldwide platform for celebrated victory!

Mentors & Their Message to the Youth

Weaving these prime thoughts of discipline, self-orientation and “peaceful channelized passion” was the appeal and message made by Shree K. Radhakrishnan ji, retired DGP, Chennai and Sharad Vivek Sagar, CEO of dexterity global. Mrs. Sumita Roy highlighted the importance of the step-by-step progression of knowledge .The propagation of great ideas and messages require systematic execution otherwise they would remain afloat and suspended. What is read must be discussed and finally implemented.

Sri K Radhakrishnan Ji mentioned 3 important points

1) Individual growth: It is the individual who must learn to elevate himself on physical ,mental , psychological and professional fronts.

2) The individual growth helps in character building. strong character reflect harmony in thinking, feeling and action

3) Strong leadership emerges from strong character .it is the force of strong character which allows an individual to proclaim without hesitation -yes, I can lead. Just like electricity flows from higher potential to lower quite alike the developed men with strong character influence the masses.

What We Can Do As Youth

Sharad Vivek Sagar ji stressed on conscious empathetic workmanship.

EMPATHIZE, CARE AND ACT : The need is to become active participants. sympathy simply weaves an emotional construct what we need is to feel for others. Feel with a conscious heart which activates the mind to plunge into an action plan to root out the misery with the right constructive action.

What is needed is collaboration. A united feeling that yes, I want to contribute to my nation by bringing that change in me which I want to see in others. Starting from the first February to the 28th of February come let us resolve ourselves by taking resolution. Resolutions to transform ourselves for brighter India.

Resolutions of 30, 40, 50, or 63 days: 21 plus 21 plus 21, 21 days of practice 21 days of absorption, and 21 days of experience will eventually make the mind habituated to internalize the values of truthfulness integrity study character-building meditation. What is essential is to conduct the practice with enthusiasm and Dharam.

Few suggestions are put forward:

  • Going early to bed is essential to welcome the new morning with happiness

  • Waking up early in the morning before 6 pm

  • Physical exercises followed by meditation for at least 20 minutes reading for a mindful thought

  • Scriptures - Bhagawad Gita, Complete works of Swami Vivekananda, Gospel of Ramakrishna, or any book which elevates towards spiritual growth

  • Self- reflection on what is read

The meeting was attended by the young brilliant enthusiasts from all over India. Excerpts from the newness of brimming minds, Suggestions made by the participants in the meeting are enlisted:

Sri Charitha

It is important that we compare ourselves with our performance each day.

Rohith Nadakatti

Listening requires attention it is very important to listen to the external environment as well as the internal self. The conscious attentive learner makes good social bond. It’s important to understand and then practice.

Supriya Yadlapati

Sincere implementation with consistency is required. This practice will sharpen the focus.

Vatsalya Thulasidaran

We must practice to pause and reflect. Personality development requires self-control we must learn to analyze ourselves for better orientation.


If you drive slowly, the the song sounds longer. we must learn to research and read to discover rather be flown away with the trend.

Munipalli Goutham

We must practice the art of introspection and learning from others opinion. Assimilation helps in building the self.

Under the mentorship of Swami Bodhamayananda ji, Sri Radhakrishnan ji and Sharad Vivek Sagar Ji let us prepare for the splendid blissful growth as individuals with human excellence!

Swami Vivekananda said that there are many things to be done but the means are wanting in the country. We have brains but no hands, we have the doctrine of Vedanta but we have not the power to reduce it into practice, in our books there is the doctrine of universal equality but in work we make great distinctions. It was in India that the unselfish and disinterested work of the most exalted type of work was preached but in practice we are awfully cruel, heartless unable to think anything besides our own mass of flesh bodies. I too believe that India will awake again if anyone would Love with all his heart the people of the country …. hundreds of large-hearted men and women giving up all the desires of enjoying the luxuries of life for the wellbeing of countrymen who are gradually sinking lower and lower in this in the ocean of destitute and ignorance…

By stimulating the minds of young people, I want to bring life into them. To this I had dedicated my life I will rouse them through the infallible power of Vedic mantras. I am bound to proclaim to them that fearless message Arise awake, Be you, helpers in my work! Be you, helpers in my work!

This is the call from the most glorious personality Swami Vivekananda, himself. The call is for you, me and all of us. Thisall” includes the entire young generation Of India. So, let us come forward and offer ourselves at the altar of this command.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Swami Vivekananda!

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