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When Science meets Human Excellence

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

One more exciting webinar on 'Building a Resurgent India through Science and Human excellence' mesmerized the audience on Sunday, 20th Sep 2020 by Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna math Hyderabad. 

The event had begun with the welcome address by  Swami Bodhamayanandaji Mj, Director, VIHE. The webinar took a power start with a sloka rendition by volunteer Anirudh Sharma from Kathopanishad followed by the song "Uthistatha Jagrutha". There was also a recitation of thundering quotes of Swami Vivekananda by Pariveeta, Neha and Neeraj, students of Balavikas Kendra.

The chief guest of the day Dr. Mrs. Tessy Thomas ji was lovingly, respectfully welcomed by the Volunteers of VIHE through a beautiful video presentation. 

Chief guest Address:

Dr. Tessy Thomas had begun the presentation with a beautiful depiction about the evolution of science from ancient times to modern times in India. she emphasized the importance of Human behavior and Human qualities and encouraged the youth to develop a growth mindset and to be curious to learn and utilize the opportunities to a maximum extent. She scientifically put forward the importance of inner strength to manage stress we face in challenging times. Dr. Tessy Thomas gave a simple formula, Stress = F/A, where F represents the external force and A represents the inner strength (including physical, mental, emotional, experiential) to overcome stress. She reminded us the journey of scientific advancement of India from Aryabhata to recent hypersonic technology demonstrator innovation. She also touched upon a wide area of research fields which are taking shape contributing to the overall progress of the country.

The prime message to the youth was "NEVER GIVE UP AND RAISE FROM FAILURES." 

She had given her own life examples of how she faced the failures initially during AGNI III mission and later came up with flying colors with dedication, determination and confidence. She advised all to follow their intuition and take risks in life. When she was asked about the present education system, she opined - "The present day youth have both good and bad in front of them. Youth should seek good knowledge, utilize the resources mindfully and rise above the challenges." 

She had also shared few moments of her  amazing journey in DRDO under the mentorship of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam. Kalam sir fondly called her 'Agniputri'. She explained how she got motivated by Swami Vivekananda and Dr. APJ Abdul kalam to keep up the spirit of work in the field as a woman scientist and demonstrated through her words of knowledge that Science knows no gender. 

Another prominent scientist Dr. TGK Murthy ji, a retired scientist, ISRO from Bangalore also addressed the importance of scientific thinking and Human Excellence.

Dr. Tessy Thomas life and message filled the audience with propelling ideas towards fulfilling their dreams without cribbing but rising above challenges. Mam also presented her views and suggestions for the questions raised from the delegates.

The webinar was concluded by wonderful song rendition on Maa Saraswathi by Kum. Vathsalya Tulasidharan from Chennai.

The archive for the inspiring webinar is present in the link below.

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