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Yuva Sangharsh 2021 - South Zone Orientation Programme for Class12 students

A Grand Orientation Programme of Yuva Sangharsh 2021 - South Zone took place today on 4th July 2021. Yuva Sangharsh is a youth leadership contest which is being conducted by Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence from past eight years. Aiming at making individuals into better Human Beings and outstanding Leaders ready to face the world and make a positive impact, this contest is a boon for all the students to mold their personality. This being the 8th batch of Yuva Sangharsh and the second batch to be conducted online during the pandemic, around 300 participants along with few alumni of Yuva Sangharsh were a part of it.

Anirudh Sharma, 2017 Yuva Sangharsh finalist, began the session with melodious rendering of song on Swami Vivekananda, "Murtha Maheshwara Ujjwala Bhaskara" as a tribute. Anirudh is also a musician and an adept Tabla player and a volunteer. He shared his memories with the freshers of this batch and shared an example of how bees reach only blossomed flowers and the youth also should keep their mind open for the best to come and transform them.

Hamsika, Sugandini, Prashanthi Vinoth, Swetha Reddy who were 2020 Alumnus shared their learnings with the team. They gave insights into their transformative journey in Yuva Sangharsh followed by Ajit Singh Sir, Faculty of VIHE and Sreedevi Mam, the Academic Director of Jubilee Hills Public School who threw light on the proceedings of the contest and inspired the participants.

Later, Swami Bodhamayananda ji explained the framework of the entire Yuva Sangharsh contest. The orientation ended with a Q/A session, wherein the queries raised by participants were answered by Swami Bodhamayananda ji, Ajit Singh Sir and few of the alumni.

"Yuva Sangharsh is indeed an excellent platform for young students to mold themselves and become ready to face the challenges of the world with ease and strength. Truly, our Nation would transform into a Super Power very soon with such kind of youth and the vision Swami Vivekananda had envisioned is sure to be fulfilled."

Wishing the Young Team "All the Best!"

-By Sugandini

VIHE Volunteer and 2020 Yuva Sangharsh Alumnus

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